Marciano Francisco de Paula Baptista MBE1,2,3,4

M, #31461, n. 20 Dezembro 1896, f. 20 Fevereiro 1957

Eventos Principais Main Events::

Nascimento: 20 Dezembro 1896, Cathedral, Hong Kong
Falecimento: 20 Fevereiro 1957, Hong Kong


Outros detalhes Other details:

  • Alcunha: "Naneli."1
  • Nascimento*: Em 20 Dezembro 1896 Cathedral, Hong Kong.
  • WWII: Listado em HK War Diary por Tony Banham.5
  • (Testemunha) Foto1: Marciano Francisco de Paula Baptista MBE apareceu numa foto de Alfred Ernest Ablong; Shamshuipo POW Camp
    No. 6 Light Anti-aircraft Company.6
  • Writings*: Marciano Francisco de Paula Baptista MBE was New Tag See the album of drawings which he produced whilst a prisoner of war in Shamshuipo camp. em 1945.
  • Signature*: Ele was New Tag em 1945.
  • Foto1*: Avito and Teresa Campos and Naneli Baptista.
  • Condecorações*: Em 1949;

    He was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his effort to keep up the morale of his fellow prisoners in Shamshuipo Camp during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong (1941-1945.)1
  • Foto1: Naneli and Anna Baptista, Teresa and Avito Campos at the award of Naneli's MBE.
  • Falecimento*: 20 Fevereiro 1957 Hong Kong 60.
  • Ocupação: The third in the family with this name, he was known to everyone as Naneli and was like his father and grandfather also a talented artist.

    Although he had no formal training, Naneli was a superb calligrapher and famous for his illuminated addresses one of which was selected by the Hong Kong Government to be presented to Queen Elizabeth on her coronation.

    Naneli loved people, was generous to a fault and could be relied upon to assist friends in distress regardless of the hour. His generosity included taking in and supporting his four sisters and a niece. In the summer holidays he welcomed his many nieces and nephews into his home to spend their summer holidays.

    He and his wife Anna were childless and so in 1937 generously adopted his baby nephew Filomeno.

    In early 1930 Naneli with a group of friends joined the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps not for any serious consideration of defense but to spend enjoyable weekends in the open air.

    He was a keen soldier and was soon promoted to sergeant but turned down a commission preferring to remain with his friends in the ranks. He was promoted to the highest Non-Commissioned rank in the Regiment, a Company Sergeant Major.

    In December 8 1941 Hong Kong went to War and was forced to surrender on Christmas Day. Although he was 49 years old and could have quietly returned home, Naneli chose to be interned with the rest of the Regiment in Sham Shui Po camp for the duration.

    His happy personality and caring for his men helped maintain their morale. He organized stage plays, painted all the sceneries and also Christmas cards for his men to send to their relatives.

    His good works were recognized and in 1947 he was appointed Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) by King George and in 1949 was selected, with a detachment of the Volunteers to participate in the Victory Parade in England.

    Although he was a teetotaler, three and a half years of hardship as a prisoner of war and chain smoking (50 cigarettes a day) took a toll on his health. In 1955 he was diagnosed with colon cancer and died in February 20 1957.

    His grateful Regiment gave him a Military funeral. As the cortege approached the “Monument” (a concrete island separating the tramlines just before the Jockey Club) it was joined by a Company of the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers), six regular army sergeants seconded to the Regiment as instructors who were the firing party and the Regimental Band, playing Chopin’s “Marche Funèbre” . Naneli’s cap, belt and medals, which had been placed on top of the coffin, were returned to his widow Anna after the burial prayers were read and the salute volley was fired.7
  • Ocupação*: quill Biography.
  • KooThesis*: Mencionado em a href="uikoothesis.htm"> I > B. Koo Tese / i > / a >


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