Há duas facilidades de pesquisa aqui. O primeiro permite que você vá rapidamente para a página pessoal de um indivíduo, se você sabe o número de identificação de uma pessoa que você está procurando: basta inseri-lo na caixa e clique em "IR".



There are two search facilities here. The first allows you to go quickly to an individual's Personal Page if you know the ID number of a person you are searching for: simply enter it in the box and click on "GO" or hit "ENTER".

O segundo permite pesquisar o nome da pessoa, data de nascimento, etc. Digite os detalhes da pesquisa nas caixas e clique em "Pesquisa".

The second allows you to search for a person's name, date of birth, etc. Enter the search details in the boxes and click "Search". (Just fill in as many boxes as you need.)

If a name has accented characters like é, ã, ç) some extra care has to be taken.  Probably it is easiest to handle these simply by replacing the accented character by "." For example, typing in rem.dios will find both Remédios and Remedios.

There are also many variations of spelling (Sousa/Souza, Pina/Pinna, Colaço/Collaço, Rosa/Roza, etc.), sometimes even within the one family.  There are powerful techniques for finding all variations of interest. For help on advanced search techniques, click on the Question Mark icon at the top right-hand corner of the search box.


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