Antigo Cemitério Protestante
Morrison Church was built by the East India Company in 1821 and rebuilt in 1922 by the British communities in China.

The first to be buried in the cemetery adjoining the church, in 1828, was Mary Morrison, first wife of the great pioneer missionary, Robert Morrison.

Robert Morrison, who was buried here in 1834, was instrumental in translating the bible and in compiling the first Chinese-English dictionary.

Others buried here include:
Sir William Fraser, Bart, Chief of the British Factory in Canton, in 1827;
Edmund Roberts, Special Diplomatic Agent of the USA, who executed treaties with the Courts of Muscat and Siam, in 1836;
Thomas Waldron, first Consul for the USA in Hong Kong, in 1844;
the painter George Chinnery (January 5, 1774 - May 30, 1852), some of whose paintings are in the National Gallery in London; Chinnery lived in Macau from 1825 until his death in 1852;
the Right Honourable Lord John Spencer Churchill, of HM Frigate Druid, fourth son of the fifth Duke of Marlborough (great-great-grand-uncle of Winston Churchill ), in 1840;
Rev. Samuel Dyer, missionary;
Sir Humphrey le Fleming Senhouse, Senior Naval Officer of the China Station, who died in June 1841.
The cemetery was closed in 1858.

References: Map of Macau, Hong Kong Printing Press, 1949