This photo circa 1920, showing the corner of Waterloo Road and Peace Avenue in Homantin, was taken from the railway embankment just before the railway bridge over Waterloo Road. Note the open storm "nullah" running down the middle of Waterloo Road and the absence of traffic apart from the two rickshaws. Interestingly Waterloo Road was originally known as Coronation Road.
The corner house was the home of Manuel de Figueiredo and one house up from his on Waterloo Road belonged to his brother-in-law Francisco "Chico" da Silva.
To the right of the photo showing the cutting in the hillside is where Victory Avenue is today, and the hill itself after it was levelled by pickaxe and shovel is where the three streets Soares, Emma and Julia Avenues are located. These streets were named in honour of my maternal grandfather Francisco Paulo de Vasconcellos Soares and family, his wife Emma and his daughter Julia (my mother).
The road running parallel to the railway track is Peace Avenue and the house next to Manuel Figueredo's belonged to Estefânio "Faneo" da Luz, following this is the home of Mr Tsang owner of the Yellow Taxicab Company (recessed into their property and not visible in the photo), then comes the home of Eugenio dos Remedios who named it "Alvege" which is made up of the first letter of the name of each of his six daughters. Following this is the home of Artur Alvares Alves then we have the twin residences of Artur F Osmund and his son-in-law Fernando E d'Almada Remedios.
The Kowloon (Nine Dragons) Hills are in the distant background and looking north at the far end of Peace Avenue is the hill where the present Diocesan Boys' School is located.J. Bosco Correa 2008

Collection J Bosco Correa