Translation of the tribute

[We are indebted to Dr Lee Lai Wan Maria for this translation and the explanatory comments]

InAncientTimes In ancient time, Mencius stated that to reach highest honour, one has to achieve three knighthoods, one state of the teeth, and one state of virtuousness.

ToAchieveTheKnighthood to achieve the knighthood.

TheOfficialsInTheCourat The officials in the court and political parties are like the teeth [in Chinese proverb, the relation of the teeth and the lips signifies the interdependency of each other]

ToHelpTheRuler To help the ruler and be a brother to the popular is virtuous

ItIsMostDifficult It is most difficult to accomplish and possess all three together.

NowWeHave Now, we have an honoured royal Duke from overseas in the west.

ThisGentleman This gentleman Mei Nar Lin Lo Senna Fei Lan Di [Direct translation of Bernardino Senna Fernandes]

WhenWeCheck When we check his ancestral lineage, he was born in the West, in the land of Ho-kang [the old name for Macau].

HisAchievement His achievement and honour are most high and significant, he is most intelligent, courageous, brave, dependable, careful, thoughtful. He was not only famous in his own country,

AndIsAlsoHighly And is also highly valued by the neighbouring countries

FirstHeWas0 First he was in the military, then he was promoted to be the ambassador, then he was honoured as the highest royal court official.

HeWasKnighted he was knighted as a baron

ThenHeWas then he was promoted as a viscount

HeWasFurther he was further knighted as a Count

HeWasDeeply He was deeply favored by the emperor for a long time

LastYear Last year when there was chaos in Macau, he devoted himself to solve the conflicts and turned the state into a safe place

BothMerchants Both merchants and citizens loved him, he was also very virtuous and generously helped people with kind acts of charity

HisActs His acts of charity never ceased and continued for over seventy years. This is what we traditionally honour as biggest wealth, and he will enjoy longevity!

AllTheRespectable All the respectable gentlemen of Macau were so grateful and can never forget his grace and virtues

Respectfully Respectfully we write these to honour him.