Words and Phrases

by Frederic A. "Jim" Silva

This is an edited compilation of material almost entirely from articles by Frederic A. "Jim" Silva Click on the SEARCH icon and enter his ID number (7902) to be taken to his personal page published in the UMA Bulletin. Sounds of the words and phrases, recorded by Maria de Carvalho e Rego Machado MarquesClick on the SEARCH icon and enter her ID number (39646) to be taken to her personal page have been added. There are minor differences between the pronunciations and spellings here and those in Maquista Chapado
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ade cabidela/capidelaKnifeFork dish of duck cooked in its blood
alho com cobraLoudspeakerbitter enemies
aluarLoudspeaker a sweet block made from grated coconut, Chinese brown sugar, almonds and pine-nuts, served at Christmas (representing the bed of the Christ-child)
amorchaiLoudspeakercute, charming
arroz caregado../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork pressed rice, accompanying porco balichão tamarindo/tamarinhoLoudspeaker../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork
atai de ruaLoudspeakerloafer, rude person
azinhaLoudspeaker(verb) quick, (adverb) quickly
bafo de adeLoudspeakerpainfully long-winded; reference to the breath of the non-stopping quacking duck
bajiLoudspeaker../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork sweet made with grated coconut and glutinous rice
balichãoLoudspeaker../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork Macanese condiment based on salted krill
bate peitoLoudspeakerpraying in a fervent manner. usually attributed to a religious hypocrite. literally, chest-beater.
bebinca/bebinga de leiteLoudspeaker../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork a rich pudding made with egg yolks, butter and coconut with a baked toasted crust
bicho de festaLoudspeakergreat party goer or giver
bicho balichãoa restless person
boca cheira leiteLoudspeaker disparaging reference to someone immature; literally, mouth smelling milk, implying that weaning is not over
boca grandeLoudspeakerboaster, braggart. literally, big mouth.
bom carahandsome
booyão a large earthenware storage jar
busca sarnaLoudspeakerlook for unnecessary trouble
cabeça de atongLoudspeakerone who could be counted on to do the wrong thing
cabeça de ventoLoudspeakerforgetful, plain giddy
cabeça grandeLoudspeakerinstigator of schemes and ideas which are not favored
cacooseLoudspeakerlatrine (from the Dutch cak huis)
cai peh, cai mungLoudspeakergive up easily, demoralized
capela../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork tasty meat loaf with cheese, usually set in a ring mold
cara de cuLoudspeakernot a candidate for a beauty contest
chau chauLoudspeaker chili pork with chilli, preserved Chinese radish and often with tao see (Chinese black beans)
chipiLoudspeaker to squeeze
cholerLoudspeaker to shovel (as with a spoon)
chouriço sutate../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork pork sausage with soy sauce
chouriço vinho alho../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork pork sausage with wine and garlic
chubiLoudspeaker to pinch
chuchuLoudspeaker to poke, to prod
dali dos mãoplaying a couple of hands. also used to denote philandering.
dali dos mão com inglesLoudspeaker doubtful paternity
diaboLoudspeaker../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork a rich spicy stew made with left-over roast meats
embigo pegadoclose friends
festa de quebra testaLoudspeakergreat party
fica chupa dedoleft with nothing
fingi toloLoudspeakerplay dumb
fingidoLoudspeakerinsincere, two-faced
fruto de autonoautumn fruit, last of the litter
fula pedoLoudspeakerthe foul smelling lantana flower
galo doidoLoudspeaker or namoradorplayboy, womanizer
gantariaLoudspeakerfussy, too self important
gato mansoLoudspeakersneaky, sly, surreptitious
gavata ate osso de bur-burintensive investigation
gungdungLoudspeaker a sore lump (as on the head)
gohng-gohngLoudspeakerbeetle with humming wings, a name used to tease someone, dopey
harmonica beef rissoles
juga socoLoudspeakerfist fight
laduLoudspeaker../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeForksweet made with glutinous rice, pine nuts, coconut, and almond meal and dusted wtih roast bean flour
lalalacockle; bi-valve shell fish
lingua de prataLoudspeaker(silver-tongue) charmer, flatterer
lingua tortoLoudspeaker (twisted tongue) speech impediment
ma linguaLoudspeaker(bad tongue) gossip, backbiting
macaco velhoLoudspeakerold monkey, worldly wise
mete fogoLoudspeakerinstigate trouble
minchi/minchyLoudspeaker../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork the omnipresent dish made with mince meat (usually beef, pork or a mixture both), typically served with little crisp fried potato cubes
miçó/missóLoudspeaker Cristão../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork minced pork with soy beans sprouts (tai tau nga choy in Cantonese)
moochyLoudspeaker small pastries with a filling of grated coconut and roasted bean flour
muito querelove very much
nung pode mas de quererlove to distraction
nung quero revahope you don't mind
olho de gavãoLoudspeakersharp eyes, eagle eyed
olho dekkaLoudspeakeranus
olho kakaiLoudspeakercross-eyed
olhos infiadocock-eyed
oui deextreme, excessive, abundant (as in oui de fierce)
pata chocaLoudspeakerstick in the mud
peekanino (pequeno)Loudspeakersmall
peleLoudspeaker dried pork rind (kohn chee pey in Cantonese) and ingredient used in tacho../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork
piti pótóLoudspeakersickly, weak
porco balichão tamarindo../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeForkLoudspeaker distinctive stew made of pork and balichãoLoudspeaker, sweetened with brown sugar and rendered tart with tamarin; always served with arroz carregado../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeFork
quebra cabeçaLoudspeakerpuzzling over something
qui ramedewhat a calamity
ramata the rest of
ranca olhostare intensely, glare at
rei do bolocherished one (brat?)
sarão muroonunkempt, sloppy
sayão pity (as in "what a pity")
sinti galantifeel odd, feel unwell
soong (Cantonese) any food accompanying rice or noodles
soo sooto dispense with charges, free
soompeter pea-shooter
strikato iron; from the Dutch strijken via Malay to Macanese
sutatesoy sauce
tacho../../../uiExtFiles/Images/Buttons/KnifeForka stew made with pork, pele, cabbage and Chinese sausages
takanadatechnique, strategy, adept know-how
ting ting por ting tinga full, detailed and comprehensive recitation of events
tomar jeitoputting on airs
tung tung mung tung dazed, confused
unchindovery little; same as oui de pouco
unha com carnethick as thieves. literally, nail and flesh
vagar vagarvery slowly
yuh one of the suffixes thrown in to complete a sentence, like meh or suh