Top row: Sarah, Edo, Marlies, Ricardo and Cheryl dos Remedios, Noelle de Pinna, Frisco and Bonnie dos Remedios, Fil and Gerry de Pinna
2nd row from the top: Kristine and Jake Edens, Vasco de Pinna, Kyle, Chris, Keenan, Lucas de Pinna, Carly and Mark dos Remedios, Germaine Hopper
3rd row from the top: Tom dos Remedios, Michael de Pinna, McKenna Kelly, Maria dos Remedios carrying Avery Edens, Sean and Lindsay Mullins, Ethan, Michelle and Scott Kelly
Front row, seated : Kevin, Denise and Shannon Mullins, Kakoa dos Remedios, Reid Edens, Kalae, Ella and Tane dos Remedios , Jodi de Pinna
Collection Fil de Pinna